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Timeline: Unifying all Subjects Together

From experience, I have come to know how valuable a timeline is as an educational tool. This is why Home School Wisdom offers parents a timeline as an educational tool. This visual tool helps children see where, in time, events fit into history.

Using the 6' by 6' timeline on a wall in the hall turned out to be the best educational tool for my homeschooling family. It quickly became apparent the timeline was a great unifier of all school subjects and useful for more than just studying history. More and more figures, depicting:

  • Biblical People
  • Saints
  • Explorers
  • Inventors
  • Musicians
  • Kings and Queens
  • Scientists
  • Artists
  • Major Events

Catholic World Cover

Marcia with History Timeline Content

Covering history in a chronological frame helps students to realize that there are immediate and remote conditions that have influenced historical events. Others saw my timeline and wanted a copy.

Catholic World Timeline and Guide Volume 1 Ancient History

Contains 5 Sections:

  • Timeline, Chronological List of Historical Events with Brief Summaries
  • Illustrations of Key Peoples and Events
  • History-Based Literature:
    - Movie List Arranged in Chronological and Alphabetical Order with Brief Descriptions
    - Index


The timeline is being updated and revised into three volumes.

  • Volume 1: Catholic Timeline: Creation to End of Apostolic Age
    Covering: Ancient, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Grecian, Roman, and Judeo-Christian, Eastern, and Western Civilizations from Pre-Historical Times through 200 AD.
  • Volume 2: Catholic Timeline: 300 AD to 1500 AD
    Covering: Emerging Nations and Middle Ages
  • Volume 3: Catholic Timeline: 1500 AD to Present Day
    Covering: Discovery of Americas through Modern Times

Email me to learn more about how effective a timeline is when teaching your child.